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Covid-19 Food Distribution


On April 14th Porch provided 85 boxes filled with fresh produce and canned goods. Porch also volunteered to help distribute the boxes of food supplies. 

During this distribution Porch and Rena Staff ( Rosie Caldwell, Robert Campbell, Jamesha Cannon-Phillips, and Quiana Phillips) contributed to passing out the boxes of food. 

A few Volunteers also help distribute the boxes of food and they are: Tamrish Phillips, Ashley knight and Kacee Knight 


 On March 30, 2020 Rena was given fresh produce by an organization in Morrisville. The fresh Produce consisted of potatoes, lettuce,eggs, milk, and etc. This distribution was done by Rena Staff:
(David Caldwell, Robert Campbell, Rosie Caldwell, Quiana Phillips, and Jamesha Cannon-Phillips)

and a few volunteers: 
Minister Alvin Garner and his daughter Amy Suitt, Anthony Davis, and Eric McClain. 


On May 15th, 2020 Rena staff did another distribution of canned goods, ground beef, bacon, Chicken, and eggs. 

Distribution was done by Rena staff:

Rosie Caldwell, Robert Campbell, Jamesha Cannon-Phillips, and Quiana Phillips.


Tamrish Phillips, Ashley Knight, Kacee Knight, Kalee McClain, Tracey Miller, and Willam Miller.


In the Photos above there are pictures that were taken on May 15th, 2020 showing what our staff and volunteers were doing behind the scenes. We have volunteers along with staff in the kitchen helping to prepare to pass out the ground beef, bacon, and chicken. 

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