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Food Bank

Food Bank​:
​Our food bank feeds about 100 families! The food that is donated to us comes from many people and organizations. We are very thankful for each donation we receive. 


  • Every third Saturday of the month we distribute a bag of canned goods.

  • If you are in serious need of food please call us and notify us of your needs and current situation. 

Kitchen Service:

Students learn about healthy eating, the basics of food preparation, and the etiquette and safety of working in a kitchen. Minister Robert Campbell, retired chef, teaches students on a rotating basis during the after-school program. Monday–Thursday.

Food Bank Application 

  • This application allows us to contact the applicant and inform them of when food distributions are held, what time to be present, and when we receive donations of fresh produce . 

  • This form informs RENA staff of the statistics of how many families we are generally feeding because it helps with our funding.

  • The Food Bank application also helps with informing us of where most of our applicants are residing. 

The Food bank application is provided above. Please fill out the application completely and then email the application to:

Rena Would like to personally thank all of our volunteers who have came out to help. We would like to thank the orange county sheriff office, chapel hill police department, and the amazing individuals who live in our community that decided to help with distributing the food. 

On December 17, 2022 Rena blessed individuals with Christmas gifts bags for our food drive. We are so grateful for the people who donate money, food, and other miscellaneous items. We at Rena, are more than grateful to be able to bless so many individuals and families for the holiday. Rena have given away over 250 bags filled with canned goods, eggs, bacon, chicken and boxes full of fresh produce. 


On August 21, 2020 Rena held a food drive which consisted of pre-packed boxes  which included fresh produce such as potatoes,lettuce, squash, apples, peppers, and etc.

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