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The History Project

RENA values the importance of remembering where we, as a community and as individuals, came from and how this shapes our future.  The History Project at Rogers Road is a two-part initiative.

First, we seek to document the history of the neighborhood and landfill struggle. Much of this is captured in Emily Eidenier’s book "Rogers Road" and outlined in the section of the website concerned with the landfill.

Rogers Road follows the story of a historically African-American neighborhood in Orange County, North Carolina, from the 1700s to the present. It follows the community's development from agriculture to environmental justice organizing following the placement of municipal waste facilities in the neighborhood.

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Second, we also wish to capture the voices of those who shaped this history and make up the neighborhood today.   We believe that storytelling is an important part of creating community and invite you to participate…

Tell us your story or listen to those of others on the Neighborhood Voices page.


​Send us an audio file or video file or email photos of the past in Rogers Road.

​Questions? Give Rose a call at 919.918.2822.  

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